Prophetic Word by Jason Davis February 19th, 2012

I saw a chariot coming down towards us, on the back of it was salve, healing balm of Gilead.  To receive this you must come out of your hiding place and show the Lord where you hurt.  Let Him put His healing salve on you.  The Lord says, let Me heal you, do not hide, come forth, bare yourself before Me, let me put My healing on you this day.

I saw a second chariot with an archer on the back of it, shooting arrows at your enemies who were attacking you, so that your could heal without fear of being attacked and hurt further.  Come forth you who were afraid of being hurt, the Lord is sending protection even now.

I saw a third chariot coming full of trophies.  The Lord says, you are not a defeated people, you are the Lord’s champions.  He has made you all victorious.  Wounds do not mean you were defeated, they mean you fought.  The Lord’s army is not full of victims, it is full of the victorious.  You are the victorious.
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