Sacrifice Prophetic Word by Georgia Eggeon 4/1/2012

I am taking you forward into a place of great involvement, says the Lord. It is a
place of demand and sacrifice. It will be of great cost to you to see what you want
to see come to this city. Will you pay the price?
You cannot look in two directions at the same time. Focus your attention on what
lies ahead and not on what has happened in the past if you want to enter into the
destiny I have for you. What I am doing today is not the same as what I did
yesterday. Today is a new day with new requirements for victory.
I am calling together an army for the thing that I want to do. It will mean great
involvement and dedication. It will cause you to decide what is more important,
My kingdom or yours. You cannot be neutral in the days ahead. It is all or
nothing if you want to serve Me, says God.
Lay aside all the heavy weights that hold you back. Put your life in order. Put
your family in order. Put your finances in order for the days ahead will not come
without a price. Your priorities must be the same as Mine, says the Lord. It is a
day of laying down your life for the sake of My Kingdom. There is much work to
do and the ones who will work effectively are very few. I am looking for workers
in My vineyard and I have paid a great price for this field. I must find a people
who are willing to go the second mile with Me.
There have been many troubles and many sorrows are yet to come, but I am the
Lord of the harvest and I will have a people called by My name who will bring the
joy back again. I am calling out a people who know the joyful sound and will
rejoice in the midst of suffering for the sake of My kingdom. I will establish My
rule on the earth. In due time it is coming into a greater season, but with great
price. My kingdom is coming with tremendous sacrifice. It will come and it will
be established in the hearts of those who will pay the price.
Let not your hearts be troubled, but trust entirely in Me. In this earth is a day of
reckoning, but I am greater than this day. I have called and I will do it, says God.
I desire that not one is left behind, but that all will see the day of the Lord.

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Prophetic Word by Jason Davis February 19th, 2012

I saw a chariot coming down towards us, on the back of it was salve, healing balm of Gilead.  To receive this you must come out of your hiding place and show the Lord where you hurt.  Let Him put His healing salve on you.  The Lord says, let Me heal you, do not hide, come forth, bare yourself before Me, let me put My healing on you this day.

I saw a second chariot with an archer on the back of it, shooting arrows at your enemies who were attacking you, so that your could heal without fear of being attacked and hurt further.  Come forth you who were afraid of being hurt, the Lord is sending protection even now.

I saw a third chariot coming full of trophies.  The Lord says, you are not a defeated people, you are the Lord’s champions.  He has made you all victorious.  Wounds do not mean you were defeated, they mean you fought.  The Lord’s army is not full of victims, it is full of the victorious.  You are the victorious.
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Prophetic word by Georgia Egge on 2/26/2012

Let your light shine into the darkness.  Let it shine out from your spirit into the hidden recesses of your soul.  Experience the joy of knowing that I am greater in you than what has been hidden in your soul.

Your past life cannot hinder you from the destiny that lies ahead of you.  Let the light of My Spirit shine into your soul and make you whole.  Let go of the traumas of your past, and in a moment you can be free of the bondages to the lies of the enemy of your soul.  Let the light reveal the truth to your soul.

The greater One is in you to do you good all the days of your life, says the Lord.  I am here in much strength and power, but you must realize what you have been given through My triumph over the enemy of your soul.  You are not defeated, but he has been defeated.  Nothing can stop you from what I have prepared for you.

Let your eyes be enlightened by My Spirit within you.  See clearly that only darkness hides the mysteries.  Look into the darkness by the light of My Spirit and see that there is victory within and the enemy hides to escape judgment.  Expose the hidden works of darkness that have been passed down through the generations.  Do not have fellowship with them anymore.

What condemns you, My people?  It is not I that brings condemnation.  Why will you be a condemned people when I have set you free from condemnation and guilt?  Let the light shine into the darkness and expose the works of the enemy of your soul, says God.  There is no condemnation for those who know Me.  I am the Light that shines into the darkness and exposes the lies that defeat you.  You cannot be defeated when you walk in the light as I am in the light.  The light is the most powerful weapon you have against the attacks of the enemy.

You are My people and I have caused you to see the great light of victory and triumph.  Go forth with boldness and courage to destroy the hidden works of darkness and shout with joy for the victory has been given to you, says the Lord.

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